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Professional HVAC Installation in Norwalk CA

Ductless Heating And Cooling specializes in HVAC installation in Norwalk CA, ensuring residents experience ultimate comfort in their homes and workplaces. Acknowledging the varying climatic challenges, we customize our solutions to meet each customer’s needs, whether battling the summer heat or securing yourself from the winter chill. Our expertise extends beyond HVAC installations; we’re also competent in repairing and maintaining your systems to improve your living environment. We recognize the importance of reliable, efficient, affordable heating and cooling solutions. 

That’s why we commit to using the latest technology and equipment for the best outcomes. Whether you’re facing inefficient heating, poor air quality, or skyrocketing energy bills, we’re here to solve your problems with our one-stop HVAC solutions. Let us partner with you to create a livable and lovable environment. Act now—your ultimate comfort awaits.


Our Mission

Our goal is to change the game of HVAC installation in Norwalk, California, by offering perfect, personalized comfort solutions for all, making every space a place of comfort all year long.


Our Vision

To be the top choice for professional HVAC installation services by leading with creativity, outstanding service, and a commitment to making every space a perfect place to live and work.

From Common Problems to Innovative Solutions: Our Approach

In our HVAC installation works, we mix traditional approaches with the newest strategies to keep your place right, whether hot or cold outside.

  • We fix common problems like rooms that don’t cool down, noisy units, and sky-high energy costs by using the latest tools and ways of doing things.
  • Our team listens to what you need and uses smart temperature controls, systems that don’t use a lot of power, and precise checking tools to ensure we do the job perfectly.
  • We guarantee to fulfill your needs and ensure a smooth and effective setup by working closely with you.

Our deep knowledge means we’re ready to tackle any HVAC issue, keeping your comfort as our main goal.

A Personal Touch in HVAC Installation: Our Simple Process

When we set up HVAC systems, we ensure everything is according to your preferences:

  • Listening: We first take the time to discover your exact needs.
  • Inspecting: We then check out your place to determine the right setup for you.
  • Recommending: We inform you about the HVAC system that best suits your needs.
  • Installing: Our team carefully puts everything in place, ensuring it runs smoothly.
  • Final Check: We verify everything one last time to fulfill high standards.

Our simple process guarantees you a robust and worry-free HVAC installation.

Our Services

What We Offer

Heating & Air Conditioning/HVAC

Do you want a home that's perfectly warm when it's chilly outside and refreshingly cool during hot summers? That's what our heating & air conditioning does for you.

HVAC Installation / Replacement

Your HVAC system may be functional but can become ineffective over time. Our HVAC installation services in Norwalk CA, help you pick and install the perfect system so you step into comfort daily.

HVAC System Maintenance

Frequent HVAC maintenance keeps everything smooth so you don't end up stuck in a too-hot or too-cold house. We catch the minor issues before they become big, ensuring your system runs efficiently.

HVAC System Repair

A sudden breakdown or a weird noise from your HVAC system can turn your comfortable home into a not-so-nice place to be. We fix the problem quickly and again leave you with a cozy space.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know waiting for comfort isn’t fun, so we work fast—without cutting corners. Before we begin, you will get a timetable so you can arrange your day accordingly.

While we’d love for your units to last forever, most HVAC systems have a performance lifespan of around 10-15 years. If you’re noticing frequent repairs, then you should replace your system.

Simple steps like changing the air filter regularly, keeping the area around outdoor units clear, and scheduling annual professional check-ups can significantly extend your system’s life and efficiency.

We’ll handle the heavy lifting, but you can help by clearing the work area, ensuring easy access to the installation site, and securing pets in a safe place.

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We prioritize clear and straightforward communication. You'll always know about your project's progress and any decisions you should consider, making the process stress-free.

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Our local expertise means we understand what your home needs to stay comfortable in our unique climate, offering practical and community-conscious solutions.

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